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Pinball Wizard

Chief said "Its for the kingdom of the super cool god,go for it!Amen"and hung up

Raven Alexandria
15 September
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Me and Ashley are the coolest idiots EVAR!

Raven's current obsession: Smuty Roy/Riza fics and a bag of wild berry skittles, if you have either send em my way cause i just love me some verbal porn and a bag of berry flavored crack! ^.^

I aint bedtime story lady so listen up!

1. You must refer to me as Dirty White Boy, anything else and you meet my fist.
( no I'm just messin' with ya xD )

2. This is MY journal don't come in here telling ME whats what,like you own the place or something. If you want to discuss anything like that with me feel free to e-mail me ( Ravenalexandria@roseofmay.org ).

3. This is a graphics journal meaning I will be posting anything I've made here but that dose not mean I won't make a normal journal entry from time to time...cause well, I bitch....alot.

4. As I said before this is a graphic journal but that does not mean you can take whatever you want. You are allowed to take any icons and wallpapers that I make as long as you give me credit and respect my work and NOT repost them ANYWHERE else.

5. If you hotlink anything from here I will chop off your fingers with japanese steel and poke your eyes out with skewers....kay?

6. Please be nice to one another and myself when commenting on anything in my journal.

NOTE: If you do not believe Beatrix, Gippal, Heinkel and Wesker are teh secks, please LEAVE THIS FORSAKEN GROUND! xD

Q: What does FAQ mean?
A: .....You're an idiot.(inside joke mind you)

Q: What will you do if i steal one of your graphics it's not like you can do anything about it
A: Oh Look everyone its Einstein....seems you know so much, lets see how much your ass knows about flying *pushes her off a cliff*

Q: You know you don't have permission to be using any images without permission!!0ne3234023twooneone!!!!11111
A: *clears throat* Eat Me.

Q: I just wanted to say that your a faggot ass bitch!

Q: Your graphics and icons BLOW!
A: AHHHHHHH!!!.....Thats what I scream before I chop people in half.

Q: You know your not actually answering these question with any valid answers.
A: Yes, I'm fully aware of it this is just a goof. If you have any REAL questions go ahead and e-mail me ( Ravenalexandria@roseofmay.org ).



You see anything on my graphics/icons that are yours PLEASE tell me so I can credit you

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